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Fic: A Dream Second. Bart Allen. G.

Title: An Dream Second
Fandom: DCU
Characters: Bart Allen
Prompt: for fanfic100: 59. Food, for random_30: 19. Life is but a dream.
Word Count: 362
Rating: G
Summary: Bart is dreaming...
Author's Notes: Oh god, the crack. Written at 2 AM. So. Take a peak into Bart's dream... IF YOU DARE. Also, could I get my shananagin tag changed to museofspeed, please? Thanks. :-)
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fanfic: "Negotiation" by Eliyes

Title: Negotiation
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Characters: Rictor and Boom-Boom
Prompt: I don't think that'll fit.
Word Count: 257
Rating: E for Everyone
Summary: Boom-Boom exhibits a vastly different spacial perception from Ric's own...
Author's Notes: I always like these two arguing. They're so good at it. I especially love it when Ric wins. X3

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Original fiction (Maniac Love): "A Game of Cat and Mouse" by Eliyes

Title: A Game of Cat and Mouse
Fandom: Maniac Love
Characters: Alice Nicholas, Leslie Nicholas, others
Prompt: Badger, badger, badger.
Word Count: 757
Rating: PG for mild swearing.
Summary: Alice's mom (Leslie) needs her help finding something precious -- by phone.
Author's Notes: Little something for Mother's Day. ;3

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Title: Crazy Making
Fandom: Generation X
Characters: Sean Cassidy
Prompt: 10. The what and the what?
Word Count: 174
Rating: PG
Summary: “I don’t want to see or hear you for the rest of the week.”
Author's Notes: I? I don’t own a damn thing.

Title: Thanksgiving
Fandom: Generation X
Characters: Jono/Paige
Prompt: 12. Not what you're looking for
Word Count: 181
Rating: PG
Summary: Jono knows that he's not what Paige really wants.
Author's Notes: I own nothing.
Buffy with a shotgun

Fic: They Don't Have Valentine's Day on Krypton. Kon/Cassie. Bart/Carol. PG.

Title: They Don't Have Valentine's Day on Krypton
Fandom: Teen Titans
Characters: Kon/Cassie, Bart/Carol, Tim, Ted.
Prompt: random_30: 12. Not what you're looking for. dcu_freeforall: 24. Amazons Attack.
Word Count: 1100
Rating: PG
Summary: It's Valentine's Day. And Cassie's boyfriend is not doing his boyfriendly duty.
Author's Notes: For the Superboy Valentine's Day Challenge! And thanks, as always, to julius12

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Title: The Problem with Precognition
Fandom: Generation X
Characters: Everett, Angelo “F*** You Chuck Austen” Espinosa
Prompt: 24. You have three months to live.
Word Count: 188
Rating: PG
Summary: There are some powers that Everett REALLY doesn’t like to borrow.
Author's Notes:

Title: Time’s Up
Fandom: Generation X
Characters: Everett
Prompt: 25. No time for the bomb squad
Word Count: 177
Rating: PG
Summary: There’s no time to waste.
Author's Notes: I own nothing, and Everett ’s death hasn’t been a spoiler for a VERY long time.