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Randomly We Roll Along

the prompt comm with no point

Thirty Random Things
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Yet another prompt community. This one comes without a theme!
Yes, it's yet another stupid writing prompt community!

However, this one stands out from perhaps a good seventy-five percent (if your math is generous) of the others by having NO THEME WHATSOEVER. That's right, you don't have to write about first-times or foe-yay or holidays or angst or whatever. The prompts are completely random, your writing can be as well.


1. Pick something to write about. Fandom, pairing, character, inanimate object, whatever floats your writing boat. Then claim it in this post.

2. Get yo'self a table o' random things. They be here, yo.

3. Proudly display that table somewhere and leave a comment with the link here. This allows me to collect and compile it into a lovely little list where anyone can decide to view thy writings and JUDGE YOU. Fun! :D

4. Get on with it! Write stuff!

(Because without them we would have total anarchy, and we mustn't have that, oh no not at all.)

1. There are no rules! No deadline. I don't care if you ever finish. It's your job to care.

2. There must be at least a hundred words to whatever you write for each prompt. Ninety-nine? Nope, won't work, go back and add a "the" or something.
And don't actually aim for one hundred. There is no upward limit. If you end up writing a story with a hundred thousand words, I will applaud you.
TL/DR: Minimum 100, maximum WHATEVER.

3. Yes you can post your story here, no you don't have to. And for god's sake, put it behind a cut.
When you post, include this information (whether it's here or in your journal):

4. No, you don't have to claim a fandom. If you want to write about your own world and characters, go for it.

5. Three things are acceptable to post on this comm: Stories, beta requests, and mod posts. If you want to wax lyrical about your original character Princess Sparklepants von Ubercool and all your super-awesome plans for her, you do that in your own journal.

Questions, comments, wailings of "You're meeean!" go here.

Have fun, punkins! :D